Paul Martinic offers private drum and percussion lessons for all abilities from beginners to advanced players in within all areas of Sydney.

Paul’s approach to teaching is designed to cover all styles of music and all aspects of playing, based upon practical application and real world playing skills.

Paul can build on your playing confidence if you are already playing or give you a strong foundation if your starting out.

Lessons are very flexible and individually tailored to each students needs.


Drum lessons cover all aspects of drumming from grooves, reading, styles, phrasing, technique, left hand independence, etc. Learn how to practice the correct way and gauge your own improvement.


Students will be required to play along to CDs supplying the drum parts from written charts, improvise, play technical exercises, sight read and answer several music knowledge questions.


Students who wish to progress further into percussion, ie. Conga’s, Bongo’s etc. will be offered the opportunity through demonstrated ability and merit.


So bring your drum sticks and have fun with drum and percussion lessons.



Drum TuitionBeginners Welcome! Free Trial Lesson!No age limit!Ph.0417 497